‘$10K for TEN’ Charity Spotlight : Arcadia College


Disengaged students, once pushed to the back or left behind at school are now being provided with spectacular new opportunities thanks to the team at Arcadia College.

While aligned with the Australian Curriculum, the Queensland Curriculum, assessment authority and QCAA, Usher Cup Contest Director Wayne Bartholomew says Arcadia college is far removed from the traditional classroom model.

“To me they are busting down the door and pioneering a revolution in education for disengaged kids, you know, troubled youths and kids who just don’t fit into high school or have got major issues at home, generally from where the family unit has disintegrated in some sort of way or they are in care and they come to a place like this and they feel togetherness.”

The Robina based college is one of ten charities set to receive $10,000 as a result of Usher Cup’s #10kforTen charity campaign, Theodore Vairaktaris saying the annual event is committed to providing career pathways for the sports emerging stars, whilst also making a genuine contribution to the local community.

“It’s exactly the whole philosophy of Usher Cup, you know, supporting charities that make a positive impact to our community, once again this college here and the secondary school that they run here, nurtures our youth and puts them back into the community and propels them into the professional stage of their life in the right mindset.” 

“You can really feel the sense of love and joy and happiness when you are walking through these classrooms and seeing how the kids are operating in this environment here. Truly, truly amazing.”

Taking an alternate approach to education for youths who have disengaged with mainstream schooling, Theodore was super impressed by the Colleges state of the art facility and success rate.

“They have learned the right skills on how to communicate correctly, how to be loved and give love, they are finding their passion and finding their purpose in life and we are building really amazing citizens of this city.”

Focussing heavily on student well-being, while exposing students to essential Literacy, Numeracy, Life Skills, the co-ed College utilises a broad range of educational strategies, including Project-Based and Adventure based learning, there’s also a heavy focus on the arts and life skills.

“How cool was that, they have got a basketball court, they have got an indoor rock climbing facility, they have got their own recording studio, so they have got the musicians in there learning how to record music and also how to record podcasts, the amount of content that these guys are creating in that creative space – art, digital art, wow, what a facility and what an opportunity for these youth.”

Rabbit saying the student teacher ratio and a heavy focus on relationship building is a brilliant initiative.

“I think there is 280 students and 85 teachers which is awesome, they are getting that one-on-one care and forming a relationship with their teachers, and they come out at the other end complete and ready to take on the challenges of life.”

“It’s easy for kids, even from stable environments to get lost in the education system and get lost as they are growing up and veering off and there are youth gangs and all different pathways and forks in the road that as a teenager you come to yourself, as I did, and it’s really important to find a passion and it doesn’t matter what that passion is, it can be anything, but you’ve gotta find something with a purpose for yourself and that’s what the folks here are doing.”

Usher Cup will be held at Snapper Rocks from 28th to 30th January 2022 with 22 Boardriders clubs from around the country vying for team and individual honours and a share in more than $70,000 prize money.

To make a donation to Arcadia College and the ‘$10K for TEN’ charity initiative please visit: https://ushercup.fundmychallenge.com/

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