’$10K for TEN’ Charity Spotlight: Serving Our People


Good deeds and community spirit are at the heart of the Serving Our People (SOP) model, the inspiring charity established on the Gold Coast in March 2020, as the world started to experience the financial squeeze and a general feeling of uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

For those in need across the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales, SOP has been a breath of fresh air, and as Usher Cup co-founders Theodore Vairaktaris and Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew found out after spending a day on the road with the SOP team, the work is also in high demand.

“For Theo and I to go and check out what Serving Our People folks do was mind-blowing, I had no idea to tell you the truth, I just didn’t realise how amazing they are, what a legacy they are.”

Their purpose is to assist those in need and SOP are committed to serve everyone across the community, be it a young mum in need of baby formula or medicine, through to a family desperate for food, shelter and clothing 

“They are providing food, they are providing housing, they are saving people’s lives, people are doing it tough here on the Gold Coast you know, and families can disintegrate overnight and people all of a sudden find themselves in a situation where they can’t feed themselves.”

Rabbit and Theodore spent the day wrapping, collecting and delivering items to the needy across the greater Gold Coast region and while it was merely a snapshot of the work carried out by the 300 strong SOP team of volunteers, Rabbit was stunned by both the level of need across the Gold Coast and by the tireless commitment of Serving Our People organisation.

“We literally saw the appreciation and gratitude on people’s faces who were the recipients and it’s real, it was an amazing experience.”

“It’s one thing to volunteer for something, but it’s another thing to have such a passion that it becomes your life work and the body of work that those folks do is really inspiring.”

Serving Our People are one of ten charities who will receive $10,000 on the final day of the 

Usher Cup as a result of the ‘$10K for TEN’ charity drive.

“You know you see people all the time in all walks of life and people have a bit of a whinge about their lot in life and you don’t realise how bad it is with people doing it super tough and these guys and girls are out there and they are just working for the community and that’s a real passion and I am a real believer in SOP.”

Usher Cup will be held at Snapper Rocks from 28th to 30th January 2022 with 22 Boardriders clubs from around the country vying for team and individual honours and a share in more than $70,000 prize money.

To make a donation to the #10KforTEN charity initiative please visit: 


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