Bronze Sponsor Spotlight: Safe-T-Pro Sponsor Spotlight


Safe-T-Pro is stepping into the world of community support and charity fundraising in 2022, sponsoring the second ever Usher Cup.

Safe-T-Pro operates up and down the Southeast coast, with crews working as far south as Wollongong and as far north as the Sunshine Coast.

With experience in all areas of traffic control and reducing the risks that may arise, Safe-T-Pro has got you covered. Much like Usher Group, safety and community are at the heart of everything they do.

As the business grows, Managing Director Shane Smith feels it’s important to give back to the community around them in new ways. “Safe-T-Pro admires the community work that Usher does, and it has inspired us to get involved,” says Shane. Taking this opportunity to help fundraise for 10 local charities was too good to pass up on.

Supporting grassroots surfing and sports in general holds a special place in the hearts of the team at Safe-T-Pro, who value the benefits that sport has in inspiring the next generation. “It is important for young people to have sport to focus on, sport provides lifelong friends and skills that help you later in life,” says Shane.

Thank you Safe-T-Pro for getting behind Usher Cup and supporting grassroots surfing and 10 amazing local charities.




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