Austral Masonry


Austral Masonry manufactures concrete blocks as a subpart of the Brickworks Building Products Group. They have a wide range of masonry from coloured, standard to premium blocks with great quality and a stylish look. As a part of Australia’s largest and most innovative product manufacturers, Austral Masonry produce blocks that suit a wide range of products whether it be a homely resident or modern commercial project.

The product itself combines oxides and coloured sands with other raw materials which in turn produces high quality blocks with contemporary colours, textures and appeal.

Their formula combines fine sand, cement and leading colouring agents to produce unique masonry. Additionally, the company also offers customers other products including breezeblocks and veneers which can complement a versatile range of projects.

With a largely established sustainability plan, their blocks remain durable, reusable and low maintenance with a life expectancy of over 100 years. As their blocks are energy efficient, the product does not emit gases into the environment.

Additionally, due to the block’s high thermal mass, they also provide effective use of natural daylight when incorporated into solar design. The natural and earthly properties make Austral Masonry a sustainable choice for constructions as their blocks are also made from over 60% recycled material.

As an Australian manufacturer, the company is overwhelmed to be supporting Usher Love at the inaugural Usher Cup surfing event. Their environmentally conscious procedures align with many of the Usher Group’s values, making the sponsorship even closer to home.

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