Bronze Sponsor Spotlight: Dickies Streetwear

Dickies Streetwear is back for the second annual event as a Bronze sponsor for the Usher Cup 2022. Producing some of the world’s toughest work- and street- wear, Dickies is excited to be involved in an event that supports our next generation of emerging stars.

Founded in 1922, Dickies has been at the forefront of workwear within the United States before branching out across continents accommodating the latest trends and technologies. Dickies draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and interests worldwide, whilst continuing a strong workwear presence globally.

Dickies Spokesperson Ben Stagg says the team values supporting the next generation, “we support youth staying active and healthy, which grassroots sporting events help foster – after all, our youth are the future.”

“The Usher Cup recognises the importance of sporting clubs, which encourages staying healthy and exercising from a young age. This is an incredibly important lifelong skill, which we wish to support,” says Ben.

Dickies long history of supporting local and national charities, sporting events, and up and comers makes this partnership with Usher Group a more than perfect fit.

Thank you Dickies Streetwear for your on-going support and commitment to grassroots sport and helping those in need.

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