Bronze Sponsor Spotlight: Patriot Campers


Usher Cup is excited to announce that Patriot Campers has joined the lineup of Bronze sponsors this year, helping make the second event bigger and better than the first. 

Patriot Campers has a reputation for quality, Australian-made off-road products with a thirst for award-winning innovation. Quality testing is high on their priorities as they test new designs against the harsh terrain of Australia’s outback. 

Much like the Usher Group, Patriot Campers values the communities they operate in and give back at every chance they can. Spokesperson Bree Henry is excited to help up the ante for sponsorships at the 2022 Usher Cup. 

“It’s important for us to support the next generation of athletes right here on the Gold Coast,” says Bree. “As a local business on the Gold Coast, working with the Usher Cup to support local athletes and to support local charities means a lot to us. We always try to give back to the Gold Coast community when we can.”

Usher Cup isn’t the first-time Patriot Campers has given back to the community and the opportunity to support not one, but ten different non-for-profits was too good to pass up.

“With so many good causes out there, it can be hard to choose which ones to be involved with! We try to work with charities that align with our core values around local causes, the outdoors and anything that helps the next generation of Aussies,” says Bree.

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