Charity Spotlight: Volunteering Gold Coast

The team at Volunteering Gold Coast are on a mission to optimise social impact by harnessing innovation and promote inclusion by connecting communities. For this reason, including Volunteering Gold Coast in Usher Cup’s ‘$10k for TEN’ charity drive was an easy decision for Theodore Vairaktaris who has worked closely with the group for many years.

“We have been partnering with the Volunteering Gold Coast team for a few years now at the Usher Group…you know this is one of the charities that is really close to our heart because of the number of programs that they implement into the local community, they help all different age groups and all different disabilities and the like in the community and they help our youth and our elderly and having them on board with Usher Cup is really important to us.”

Brad Cooper, CEO Volunteering Gold Coast says the program is for anyone in the community with accessibility issues.

“The benefits are not just for people with a disability, the accessible beach program is for anyone with mobility challenges, even parents with a pram to be able to take their family down to enjoy the water, it means we are not leaving people with accessible needs up on the esplanade, 60-70 metres away from their family, while their family are down having a great time on the beach.”

Volunteering Gold Coast are the regions only Volunteer Resource Centre, connecting and supporting local Not-For-Profits and people in the community wanting to give back through volunteer recruitment, volunteer management support and free training for volunteers and organisations. 

Delighted that part of Usher Cup’s donations will assist many to experience the ocean for the first time, Theodore says

“They are actually going to be able to fund 65 volunteers with the $10,000 dollars that we’ll donate to them and it’s all about helping have more people accessible to get to the beaches using their accessible beach mats to cross the sand and get into the ocean and feel the waves.”

Volunteering Gold Coast CEO Brad Cooper, saying the impact will be far reaching.

“It will have a great impact on the Gold Coast, 65 volunteers means that we will be able to set our accessible beach program at another site and that will give people with accessible needs the opportunity to have a real beach experience across multiple beaches across the summer and be able to participate in life on the Gold Coast.”

The Volunteering Gold Coast team believe that anything is possible through the power of volunteerism, Theodore determined to ensure their voice is heard.

“The amount of positive impact that they make to our community needs to be heard more, that’s our job to help a lot more people learn what Volunteering Gold Coast do, they are right here in the middle of the City in Miami, and they make a huge positive impact to the whole community, and we are really stoked to have them on board.” 

Surfing icon and Usher Cup co-founder Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew excited to see the final barrier to experiencing the ocean being removed. 

“Getting down the beach, it really is that last 100 metres of soft sand that is the final barrier, there is a separation there and a lot of folks come down and they are accessibility challenged in many ways, they are disabled or young families with prams and lots of other reasons and they are up on the esplanade, but it’s that intimacy of being able to get right down to the water’s edge, go into the surf zone that makes us all feel terrific and invigorated, and these people here provide that wonderful service and provide an amazing experience by getting people into or back in the ocean.”

If you would like to support the Volunteering Gold Coast as part of the Usher Cup’s ‘$10k for TEN’ charity drive, please visit to donate today. 

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