Club Spotlight: Burleigh Boardriders


Returning for the second annual event in 2022, the Burleigh Boardriders club couldn’t be more pumped to be competing in the Usher Cup yet again. Established in 1965, Burleigh Boardriders is home to grassroots and elites alike, making them stiff competition at this year’s event.

Burleigh Boardriders have a long-standing history of developing up-and-coming surfers of the area – from grommets through to veterans. They host seven club rounds each year for members to compete in various divisions for the club championship.

Known for its challenging, hollow waves, Burleigh Heads has been the breeding ground for surfboard design advances and home-grown champions. In line with this, the Burleigh Boardriders club hosts the annual Single Fin Festival, where members compete against each other on vintage single fin boards.

This is also possible due to the club and surrounding communities’ dedication to preserving the beaches and rainforest alike. The wellbeing of this nature reserve is of prime importance at both a club and community level. 

Burleigh beach was the birthplace of the modern professional surfing competition – the first man on man competition was held there more than 50 years ago, and the unique waves are sacred to many within the professional circuit. 

Club Spokesperson Jamie Johnstone is excited for the club to be competing again in 2022, working hard to narrow down who will represent them in the lead-up. 

“It’s a good start to the year for the clubs and competitors,” says Johnstone. “Our competitors are eager to get back out there and compete, it’s a great show of support for such a good cause.”

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