Club Spotlight: Coolum Boardriders


Coolum Boardriders Club President, Chris Barraclough couldn’t be more excited to participate in Usher Cup 2022, after walking away last year without a win but on a serious high. 

When asked what was their response to the presidential invite, Barraclough’s enthusiastic reply was, “Immediately yes, no hesitation”. 

Formed in 1983, Coolum Boardriders started out as a group of passionate surfers determined to encourage locals to fall in love with the sport of surfing and take to the waves of Coolum Beach. 

The glass-like waters and consistent waves made it the prime location for healthy competition which has helped to shape Coolum Boardriders into the well-respected, well-known club it is today. 

The club supports the growth and development of surfers of all ages and skill levels from grom to pro and has a history of producing world champions, from the likes of Paul Ward in 1992 to Isabella Nichols in 2015. 

But champions have to start somewhere, and it’s the grassroots competitions that have made Coolum Boardriders into the champions they are today. 

The club is excited to come back this year not only for the healthy competition but for the charitable side of the Usher Cup as well.

“It’s such a great event that connects the surfing world and the charity world. We’re looking forward to it, should be very exciting” says Barraclough. 

“We pretty much have our team picked, so we’re just doing some team training and working on techniques”.  

Grassroots competitions like Usher Cup is what keeps the spirit of Coolum Boardriders formation alive, and the opportunity to give back while they’re at it, is too good to miss.


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