Club Spotlight: Kingscliff Boardriders


Kingscliff boardriders are absolutely stoked for the chance to return and go head-to-head with the country’s biggest and best at the 2022 Usher Cup.

With the club placing right in the middle (overall) at last year’s Cup, this time round, these New South Welshmen will be looking to seriously up their game. 

Upon being given the opportunity to return for Usher Cup’s second annual event, the vibes at the Kingscliff boardriders club were nothing but positive.

“This is a great opportunity,” said Club President, Dean Walpole.

“Our initial thoughts were excitement given the huge success and fun we all had at the 2021 Usher Cup.”

At the heart of Kingscliff boardriders is community, family and an opportunity for the young and up-and-coming to prove themselves. The term grassroots is at the core of what they do.

Dean says the opportunity that Usher Cup provides is a win-win.

“Grassroots community surfing is where it all starts which can lead to major success for clubs and individuals involved, and if we can help charities on the way even better.”

The club has previously enjoyed periods of success during their 50+ years with a host of notable names including 80s and 90s champions, Alby Ross and Trevor Gleave, along with the Bevan Brothers (Dean and Shane) carved into their honour board.

Like many of the other clubs gearing up for a cracker weekend at Usher Cup, it’s nothing but surfing, surfing, surfing for Kingscliff boardriders.

“Business as usual for our surfers competing,” said Dean.

“Lots of water time in the lead-up.”


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