Club Spotlight: LEBA Boardriders


Landing exactly in the middle of last year’s scorecard was LEBA Boardriders, meaning these guys are back and hungrier than ever for that Usher Cup perpetual trophy! LEBA surfers finished at 10th place, tying with fellow competitors at North End and mere points behind Noosa who placed 9th overall.

Like their cousins north of the border, LEBA Boardriders also enjoy giving back to the community, and pride themselves on the creation of a club full of great people and with the full support of the local community, inclusive of the sponsors and local businesses who support them.

LEBA boardriders is a club that galvanises the coastal towns of Lennox Head and Ballina, and was formed when surfers from both towns came together to establish one strong and formidable boardriders club for the region. The club’s geography provides access to an amazing array of surf breaks to conduct club competitions each month.

When it comes to higher honours, LEBA has produced a number of notable surfers, among them Adam Melling and Stu Kennedy, both currently competing on the WSL tour.

Having fun, is always at the heart of everything that LEBA does, according to Club President Ben ”BEEZO” Beesley

“We try to make our club rounds a fun and social day for members and the families, where you can come down to the beach, enjoy a BBQ, have a couple of beers at the end of the day and get smoked in a heat by the pure talent that are members of our club”, Beesley said.

LEBA is considered one of the strongest boardriding clubs in Australia, having won some of surfing’s most prestigious competitions and awards including the annual Skullcandy Oz Grom Open which is widely regarded as one of the best junior events in the world. It’s an event that provides a significant economic boost to the local community as well as raises the bar for junior surfing.

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