Club Spotlight: MNM Boardriders

MNM (Mermaid/ Nobbys/ Miami) boardriders have something to prove this competition season and they’re not letting anything stand in their way!

Club President James Brooks said the MNM team were extremely excited to receive news and an invitation to the 2022 Usher Cup surf contest.

“The event coincides with the commencement of our club season and offers an opportunity to prep all members of what’s ahead,” he said.

“MNM are a very proud family-based club with an abundance of youthful talent backed by some of the GC’s most successful senior competitors. Our club lives in the moment at every club round, there’s not a club round that goes by without the occurrence of some sort of ‘outstanding’ moment that keeps everyone stoked until the next round.”

Speaking on the strong grassroots element of the Usher Cup, Club Secretary Dave Bellman said that events like the Usher Cup are what MNM Boardriders are all about.

“Boardrider clubs reflect grassroots surfing and are heavily involved with the local communities. The opportunity to participate in a grassroots surfing event that also supports charity reflects the strong community values of our club.”

“The Usher Cup brings an opportunity for our surfers to live a moment a lot of them can only imagine, surfing against the country’s best in the best summer surf location in the world. Seeing so many good surfers compete, talk, laugh, cheer, reminisce and celebrate,” James added.

What are these legends doing to prepare for this year’s event? James says that while they haven’t finalised a team just yet, MNM is “ready to go”.

“We have shortlisted our possible team and are closely watching their free surf performances – our team will be confirmed shortly.”

He adds a friendly warning for the other clubs competing at the 2022 Usher Cup, “Look for us on the dais,” while Dave hints at many carb-rich foods being eaten in preparation, “We will be selecting a team and bonding as a team, watching the weather conditions and eating lots of pasta.”

MNM is also stoked by the idea of equal prize money, something not seen too often in the surfing competition circuit.

“As a club, we are very aware of and value the male and female divisions within our own boardrider competitions equally. It’s great to see this being reflected at competition and intraclub level,” Dave said.

“A lot of our females beat the males anyway! Some of our girls are really, really good.”

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