Club Spotlight: Palm Beach Boardriders


For over 50 years, Palm Beach Boardriders Club has been an integral part of the Gold Coast surfing community, and for the second year in a row, these legends are in the mix to compete at Usher Cup surf contest in January 2022. 

The club is a member of Surfing Queensland and Surfing Australia, teaching the skills and qualifications for young members to pursue a competitive career in surfing.

Club president Daniel Binskin said that competitions like Usher Cup are everything to Palm Beach Boardriders, who have been around since the 60s.

“Team contests bring the whole club together. We all love to watch good surfing, especially when we are winning the heats!” he said.

Palm Beach Boardriders are big advocates of grassroots level surfing and believe it’s a steppingstone to a future career in surfing.

“Many club surfers will go on to the WCT or challenger series. All Australian world champions started the journey at their own local club,” Daniel said.

The current competitor selection for Palm Beach is not confirmed, but there are several talented surfers that could be competing at this year’s event.

“Could be a number of surfers including big wave Ryan Hipwood, aerial specialist Dru Adler, QLD Junior Champ Jacko Graham, Yadin Wilson, host of underground rippers James Brydon, Dazza and Murray Scott and Ichigo Mishimura. It really depends on who is in form,” he said.

The club has a big focus on junior development and is eager for their young surfers to compete and experience fierce competition and grassroots-level surfing on the day.

“We strongly believe that the grassroots level surfing is very important to show to everyone,” Daniel said.

“Palm Beach Boardriders are committed to ensuring that the sport of surfing continues to go from strength to strength and maintains its status as a truly iconic Australian pastime.”

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