Club Spotlight: Point Lookout Boardriders


Point Lookout Boardriders are heading to the mainland again this January for the second annual Usher Cup, taking on both new and old competition on the sunny coastline of Rainbow Bay.

The volunteer-run community club is lucky enough to call Stradbroke Island home, known for its resort-like aura and plenty of beaches to catch waves on. 

Point Lookout has been fostering the community’s love of surfing for nearly 50 years. It’s clubs like this that remind everyone of what grassroots surfing is all about, a small club from a small town keeping the thrill of wave riding alive. The club is often known for hosting the annual Straddie Assault – the longest-running team surfing event.

The club has produced many notable WCT surfers including Ethan Ewing and Bede Durbidge, posing as a real threat for new and returning clubs at Usher Cup. Point Lookout provides the closest surf to Brisbane, with city dwellers flocking to Cylinder beach on the weekends to take advantage of the swell produced on the island’s coast – so much so that the beach has a constant live stream for surfers before they cross the channel. 

It’s these beaches that are home to the club’s team, supporting and mentoring the youth of the island, inspiring them to pursue big dreams and big waves. Participating in events like Usher Cup provides these youngsters with the opportunity to thrive in the spotlight and advance in their careers as professional athletes. 

Club President, Chris Semple, says the opportunity to showcase grassroots surfing is vital to the clubs’ success. “Point Lookout Boardriders are excited to be a part of the second Usher Cup. It’s a healthy grassroots surfing competition promoting the wide range of surfing talent that clubs have.”


IG: pointlookout.boardriders

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