Gold Sponsor Spotlight: Altran


Once again, Gold Coast-based business Altran has signed up to be a major sponsor of the annual surf content Usher Cup. 

Since 2002, Altran has been collaboratively working with their clients, using their extensive project management expertise, workmanship, and decades of experience.

With over 30 years working in the construction industry, Company Director Troy Brown has had close involvement with the direction and planning of future projects. The company now offers specialised services, competitive pricing as well as complete project management and coordination.

Altran was introduced to the idea of sponsoring grassroots surfing last year when the inaugural Usher Cup was first announced. For Troy, surfing is near and dear to his heart, and he is honoured to have the opportunity to once again support such an amazing event and cause.

“Having been a recreational surfer my entire life, being involved in an event co-founded by my long-time mate Theo is a great opportunity to give back to the community and promote the great city of the Gold Coast,” he said.

Troy reflected on his experiences with the personal loss which helped push the decision to sponsor the second instalment of Usher Cup, with the 2022 event raising funds for ten amazing charities that provide help, support and create change for people and animals in need.

“Having experienced hardship myself, suffering the loss of loved ones from cancer and other illnesses, these charities have special significance to me. All children’s charities speak to our hearts, and we should all do whatever we can to support them,” he said.

Altran pledge they are about the people and the community and work harmoniously with their customers to make their unique vision a reality. Troy believes there is no better way to assist the community than through supporting grassroots sports.

“Grassroots sports play an important role in our local communities – from the benefits of good health and the development and achievements of sporting talent to the involvement of the local community members,” Troy said.

Thank you, Altran for your continued support and commitment to community and positive change.

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