Gold Sponsor Spotlight: Bombora Beach Club


A brand all too familiar with grassroots and championing the underdog, Usher Cup is proud to welcome Bombora Beach Club to the Usher Cup family as a Gold Sponsor. 

Bombora Beach Club is unlike any other clothing brand. Founded in a space where riders  were often unnoticed, Bombora saw there was an opportunity to support the Gold Coast community in a way that no one else was. Once established, the clothing club was determined to find those who were hidden in the cracks, chasing the thrills, and enjoying the life they had created.

They provided a home and an online platform for the unknown who are often swept away by the undercurrent of mainstream media. Comprised of surfers, skaters, musicians and artists, Bombora Beach Club has created a team, or more accurately a family, of riders and creatives from all walks of life. They support and mentor kids and adults alike to pursue their passion.

Director Darwin Brooks works hard to encourage club members to promote their success – no matter how big or small – with the gusto and passion of a local hero. Bombora Beach Club love to support and provide a platform to local surfers who deserve the spotlight, an ethos held at the very core of its formation.  

“It’s more than a brand,” says Brooks. “It’s a platform to display the ‘undercurrent’ of talent that passes unnoticed under the mainstream surface.”

“This undercurrent has been inspired by those accomplished professionals that have laid the foundations – they in turn encourage the next generation to continue to push the boundaries of creative excellence.” 

The Usher Cup 2022 will be bigger and better than before, with sponsors like Bombora Beach Club supporting the future of Usher Cup to grow and allow more opportunities for grassroots surfers, whilst giving back to the community they came from. 

Brooks and the team watched the first inaugural Usher Cup attentively, and when they saw the chance to jump in and show support for the second act, there was no hesitation. 

“We’re looking forward to working the entire Usher team to make this year’s cup better than ever!” 

Thank you Bombora Beach Club for your support and commitment to change. 


Socials: FB: @bomborabeachclub | IG: @BomboraBeachClub 

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