Gold Sponsor Spotlight: TJM GROUP

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Usher Cup 2022 Gold sponsor TJM Group is a leading scaffold service provider in the commercial, industrial, civil, mining, offshore, oil and gas sectors. The company provides a range of cost-effective solutions and services to assist their clients’ unique construction needs.

TJM Group has worked alongside Australia’s largest corporations within the development industry. Demonstrated by their extensive portfolio, TJM Group are masters of versatility and complexity.

In the business world, this family business has a focus on safety, design, delivery, collaboration and time management, setting them apart from their competitors. But, like their sponsor title, TJM Group also has a heart of gold, supporting the Usher Cup for the second year running at the gold tier level.

It is with the continuous care and contributions from businesses like TJM Group that boardrider clubs throughout our beautiful country can bond together and support the amazing work of ten local charities.

Thank you TJM Group for your continued support and commitment to grassroots surfing events and charity.

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