Goods Sponsor Spotlight: Surfing Life



For the second year in a row, Surfing Life is getting behind Usher Cup surf comp in January 2022. Surfing Life is an independent, reader-supported magazine that provides in-depth quality content on six topics of the surfing experience including Surf Travel, Culture, Waves, Techniques, Surfboards and, of course, the Surfers themselves.

Surfing Life’s mission is to make the community better surfers through the content they publish, providing substance and authority that will have a direct impact on the communities’ surfing skills. 

Usher Cup are thrilled to have Surfing Life on board as the 2022 event is set to be bigger and better. Publishing Director Ray Bisschop says surfing is what Surfing Life live and breathe, and they are honoured to be a part of an event that supports and depends on boardrider clubs.

“As we are an independent publisher, the grassroots of the industry and surfing market is where we live,” he said.

“We love that the Usher Cup is based on boardriders clubs and that you can’t enter unless you’re in one, this will get the groms back to clubs where they’ll be nurtured and find a place of belonging like so many of us do.”

Surfing Life is an influential part of the Usher Cup event that will take place in January of 2022.

Thank you Surfing Life for your continued support and commitment to bring awareness to grassroots-level surfing and the charities involved in Usher Cup’s ‘$10K for TEN’ initiative.

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FB: SurfingLifeMagazine

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