Good Sponsor Spotlight: Triple-X Rashies

For the second year running, this year’s Usher Cup competitors will be wearing Triple-X Rashies! Triple-X is a proudly 100% Australian-owned and family-operated business that specialise in manufacturing a variety of 100% eco-friendly custom and personalised rash products including rash-shirts, rash-vests and rash-guards.

Founder and avid surfer, Don Munro’s involvement in the surfing industry over the last 48 years has granted him the opportunity to fuel his passion for supporting grassroots surfing in many ways.

Don comments that being involved in charitable events is an honour.

“Where I can, I like to be involved in events like the Usher Cup where the focus is on supporting grassroots and club surfing along with nominated charities,” he said.

“It’s something I’ve done since the mid ‘70’s when I founded Mango Surfwear and still continues today via Triple-X Aquatic Clothing – it’s a love and a passion I’ve always enjoyed.”

Triple-X Rashies are also highly environmentally friendly, as Don has always considered the environmental impact of how his clothing is made.

One of the most concerning waste products are ghost fishing nets which are often lost or discarded in the ocean. These nets make up 10% of plastic sea waste and take upwards of 600 years to decompose.

To do his part in improving sustainability and reducing the volume of plastic waste, Triple-X rashies are made from lycra materials composed of recycled fishing nets collected by divers in Italy.

“We are an environmentally aware family business,” Mr Munro said.

“We support a journey from waste to wear, the aim being to repurpose discarded fishnets into rashies for healthier oceans.”

Thank you Triple-X Rashies for your continued support and commitment to grassroots during and the environment.

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