North End BRC


North End BRC is the Gold Coast’s northernmost club.

Having celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2016, North End is well established in the community and has come a long way from the ragtag surfers who formed the club at Main Beach in 1976.

North End is located in the suburb of Labrador and is one of the largest competitive boardriders clubs on the Coast.

Joe Engel, Michael “Munga” Barry and Dave “Rasta” Rastovich are just some of the notable names to surf under the North End banner.

From micro-groms to Salties, North End is committed to surf development, improvement and progression for all its members (even the older guys!).

“Whether you’re new to the Club, or part of the furniture – thanks for being part of the NEB team.”

Socials: FB @northendboardridersclub | IN @northendboardriders

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