Club Spotlight: North Shelley Beach Boardriders



Usher Cup are thrilled to announce another interstate major – North Shelly Beach (NSB) Boardriders Club will join the lineup and showcase their talented club members this January.

Situated on the Central Coast of NSW, NSB Boardriders is non-for-profit club with around 300 members divvied up into divisions including girls and females, boys and men, grommets, opens and old buggers.

NSB Boardriders have an undefeatable track record, having been crowned ‘Kings of the Coast’ for the eighth time in 2021 and ‘Queens of the Coast’ for the second consecutive time, making them a serious contender to take the cup.

The club runs monthly surf contests at Shelly Beach and have produced some big names throughout the years including their most established surfer, Macy Callaghan.

Its grassroots level surfing competitions like Usher Cup that allow clubs like NSB Boardriders to platform their extraordinary surfers and compete with some of the best surfers on the Coast.

NSB Boardriders Club is yet to announce their line up for the day, but we do know they will be bringing their A game to win at this year’s event!

Usher Cup Surfing competition will take place from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th January this month.

IG: @northshellyboardriders

FB: @NorthShellyBoardriders

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