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One Sector is the product of three generations of builders on the Gold Coast. With Nick’s grandfather, Ronald Ray, building some of the first industrial buildings around the Coast. Nick’s father Michael Ray took over the building side of things and quickly became a market leader in industrial construction on the Gold Coast.

Nick started with Michael at the age of 15 and watched and learnt from his father which accelerated his career greatly, allowing him to become one of the youngest licensed builders on the Gold Coast. Nick started his own construction companies upon Michael’s retirement from the age of 22 and in 2009 One Sector was established with a clear and successful goal to systematically change the way factories are designed and built with an extreme focus on quality, construction programs and client service.

One Sector Community is a registered charity founded by One Sector Managing Director Nick Ray. Currently delivering our own in-house initiative “Youth Boost” packages to multiple different charities on the Gold Coast aimed at helping local youth. The initiative has been put together as an overhead free system where dollar for dollar donated goes directly to helping youth, providing them with critical products needed to succeed in today’s world.

Given One Sector’s history of charitable duties and giving back to the community, it was no surprise that Nick wanted to get behind the Usher Cup.

“One Sector has always supported Youth organisations on the Coast and Usher gets behind our events also. It’s important to help each other with these great initiatives.”

“My theory is if you’re in a position to help and give back then you must do that, One Sector has always aligned itself with the community and myself being born and bred on the Gold Coast I enjoy helping my town. Surfing is engrained in the Gold Coast culture it’s a great way to get everyone involved and be able to make a difference”

One Sector community is supported by all our staff, sub-contractors, suppliers and clients. The community culture within the organisation comes from an extremely strong foundation on the Gold Coast with 3 generations of proud builders and community members. Nick has dedicated many years and funding to giving back and setting up our systems and community involvement for generations to come.

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