Platinum Partner Wattyl

With a rich legacy spanning over a century in the world of painting the Usher Cup, World Club Challenge is thrilled to welcome Wattyl back as a Platinum Partner for our 2024 event.

Wattyl is synonymous with a relentless commitment to quality, continually pushing the boundaries of excellence through cutting-edge research and development. They have earned their reputation as the preferred brand for numerous iconic projects.

From residential and consumer applications to industrial, protective, and the rapidly expanding marine markets, Wattyl’s product range is meticulously crafted to cater to the specific demands of each sector. Their unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility sets industry standards.

Wattyl consistently produces products that not only meet but exceed Australian and global eco-certifications and standards. They are steadfast in ensuring that no Wattyl product ends up in landfills. As a founding partner of Paintback, a ground-breaking national disposal and recycling initiative, Wattyl’s mission is to safeguard not only their customers’ assets and businesses but also our planet.

We are delighted to have Wattyl stand alongside like-minded partners within the commercial painting, construction, and building industries in supporting the annual Usher Cup, World Club Challenge. 

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Facebook: wattylpaint

Instagram: wattylpaint

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