Born in Hossegor on the South West coast of France, SUNDAY Collab is an independent coffee, tea and lifestyle brand committed to reducing harmful environmental impacts on the planet.

SUNDAY Collab is a proud silver level sponsor of the inaugural Usher Cup, the brands founders keen to be involved due to their strong personal surf origins.

Founders Carl Wiser and Reid Pinder grew up as members of the global amateur and professional surfing fraternity. Their friendship leading to the creation of surf-orientated marketing and brand building partnership which has extended for over 25 years.

Both Carl and Reid played a key role in the formation of Billabong Europe in the late 80s and 90s. The pairs passion for surfing was instrumental in the creation of a strong surf, beach and lifestyle theme for the SUNDAY Collab brand.

SUNDAY Collab Coffee beans are sourced from plantations worldwide. The company fostering direct fair-trade relationships with producers to ensure better quality beans, conditions and product consistency.

As a member of Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) and aligned with the Rainforest Alliance, SUNDAY Collab works with farmers to give back as much to the land and people as it receives.

SUNDAY Collab Coffee’s ‘Green Room’ blend is Rain Forest Alliance certified, with 1% of all Green Room Blend sales donated to Surfrider Europe, aiding the protection of oceans and beaches.

Community engagement is at the core of the SUNDAY Collab brand and business with involvement and support of grassroots events like the Usher Cup reflecting back to the brands origins.

SUNDAY Collab is closely associated with 2012 WSL World Champion Joel Parkinson.

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