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Surfing Life is an independent, reader-supported magazine that provides surf content unique to what is available on the internet. With advertising kept to an absolute minimum, the room for pure content is maximised, making it an excellent read for those interested in the surfing world.

Six issues are printed each year with topics dedicated to surf, travel, waves, technique, boards and much more. By striving to be ‘the more focused, the more informed’, their articles are of high quality and thorough depth and research that truly makes a real and immediate difference to readers.

Each issue is considered an essential resource to thousands of surfers around the world and is available both digitally and printed on a well-designed magazine. The print version provides a beautiful counterbalance to the digital world that surrounds us. Alternatively, Surfing Life has a large and growing social media following and established online presence.

As a Certified Sustainable Green Printer, Surfing Life only prints the number of copies that are bought, ultimately reducing paper waste. Even the paper and inks used are sourced from sustainable and environmentally responsible resources.

Surfing Life never compromises their principle values to attract advertisement revenue, which demonstrates just how authentic and passionate the magazine is. Each issue promises to make readers better surfers by fulfilling all wonders with detailed content.

Publishing Director Ray Bisschop is delighted to support the Usher Cup and said “as we are an independent publisher, the grassroots of the industry and surfing market is where we live.”

“We love that the Usher Cup is based on Boardriders clubs and that you can’t enter unless you’re in one, this will get the groms back to clubs where they can be nurtured and find a place of belonging like so many of us do,” Ray said.

Despite being independently owned, Surfing Life remains one of the most influential, relevant and in demand surf brands in the country that is progressive and globally recognised. Their most recent issue covers COVID-19 and its rapid consequences and other challenges 2020 threw at the world.

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Contact: Ray Bisschop | | 0410 520 525

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