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Joel Parkinson Testimonial

Clubs & Team

The Usher Cup is an incredible event located in my hometown of Coolangatta and something I’ve look forward to as a spectator over the last few years. This event is a fixture now in our local community and gives young local surfers aspiring to be World Champions one the best platforms to do so. Hopefully we can all get behind this event and make it a great community weekend.

Kind regards,

Joel Parkinson


Youth Insearch Testimonial


Epilepsy Queensland


Epilepsy Queensland greatly appreciates the donation received from the Usher Cup and Angourie Boardriding Club. Currently, 28,000 Queenslanders live with epilepsy, and up to another 3,000 people will be diagnosed this year. Your gift goes directly into supporting people on their epilepsy journey with support, information, training or just a friendly ear to bring calm to what can be an overwhelming experience.

Thank you for helping Epilepsy Queensland to be the beacon of hope for people living with and impacted by epilepsy.


Noosa Boardriders Club Testimonial

Clubs & Team

Best comp, so professional; Cheers Theo, Snapper and all involved!

Dean Brady
Vice President Noosa Boardriders Club


Starlight Children’s Foundation


Starlight is so thankful to the Usher Cup for their incredible $15,000 donation.
With a child admitted to hospital every minute in Australia, Starlight is needed every day in children’s hospitals, to bring sick kids the happiness they need to cope with the pain, fear and stress of illness and treatment.

We help all children regardless of age, illness, disability, or injury and we can only do that with the amazing support from the community.

Happiness matters to sick kids, and we can’t thank the Usher Cup enough for helping Starlight be there for sick kids when they need us most.


Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation Testimonial


We are so grateful to the Usher Group for generously donating an incredible $15,000 to the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation following the success of the Usher Cup. Finding a cure for spinal cord injury takes universal force and collective power. Every time someone links arms with us, our global movement strengthens, our voice gets louder, our presence more visible and a cure becomes a reality. We are overwhelmed by the support the Usher Group has shown our research – thank you. Perry was honoured to host the Usher Team through a tour of the lab to see the work they are supporting first hand.


Liam O’Brien, 4th Place Usher Cup Men’s Final

Clubs & Team

Competing in the Usher Cup was an unreal experience. Surfing for your club is always an honour but on top of that surfing for the great causes the Usher Cup supports was extremely fulfilling.


Reef Heazlewood, 3rdPlace Usher Cup Men’s Final 2020

Clubs & Team

I had the best time competing in the Usher Cup, every heat I was paddling out with the other guys smiling and laughing together!


Audrey Styman, 1stPlace Usher Cup Women’s Final 2020

Clubs & Team

I had a blast competing at the Usher Cup! Such a professionally run contest, was great to see all the locals come down to support and get involved.


Jaggar Bartholomew, 2ndPlace Usher Cup Men’s Final 2020

Clubs & Team

The Usher Cup was a don of an event. A well-built competition run by great people, amongst a strong line of competitors, in the heart of Rainbow. An exciting first event for spectators and Australia’s finest to start the years campaign. An event filled with love, focus and determination. Dope.


Dimity Stoyle, 2ndPlace Usher Cup Women’s Final 2020

Clubs & Team

The Usher Cup was so fun, it was so cool to have a local event that supported so many charities and gave us an opportunity to surf and compete at the same time. The team at the Usher Group worked so hard and pulled off an amazing event! Thanks again and can’t wait for the next one!


Camp Quality Testimonial


Baxta Testimonial


Baxta Engineered Coatings is extremely proud to have supported the first Usher Cup and the charity initiative behind the event. Baxta is constantly striving to be a leader within the paint and construction industry, and like the Usher Cup, set a new standard for the community. The messaging of support and fostering grass-roots surfing is second to none and we look forward to supporting this event again in the future.


Wattyl Testimonial


Wattyl could not be prouder of our involvement of the Usher Cup, The Usher Cup provided Wattyl a platform to show our support of many great charities, and local sporting clubs through the sponsorship of a world class event. The Usher Cup’s promotion of local talent, equality and charitable support aligns closely with Wattyl’s core values and we cannot wait to be involved again next year.


Kumul Testimonial


Being in the construction industry and knowing Theodore through that when he came knocking on our door and offered us the opportunity to get involved with this unique and special event it was a no brainer. It’s thrust us into a different demographic and community and it has been helpful for our business overall.
The concept of how the Usher Cup played out and how it gave the grass roots clubs a chance to be showcased for what they do and be awarded by competing and involving the different board riders’ clubs from around the South East of Queensland and Northern NSW, the concept is unbelievable. Giving young kids and adults the chance to compete against their idols is awesome.
We are 100% sure that we will be sponsoring next year, the vision Theodore and the Usher Cup team have got for where they can take it is amazing and any company that wants to jump in and be involved in something unique and has the foresight to give everyone the opportunity to showcase what they do in the surf, support deserving charities and mingle with some of the leading businesses in the company is a great opportunity for networking!


BCS Broking Testimonial


BCS Broking was delighted to be involved in the Usher Cup. We feel it is imperative to give back to local communities and we were able to do that through the Usher Cup. The Usher Group did an outstanding job pulling together the calibre of sponsors, the competition and also the charitable donations. What a great way to start 2021!


Fraser Financial Services


We are so happy with the exposure our business received with the exposure via the bus advertisement, Presidents Dinner, social media and banners at the event.
Theodore’s goal to give back to the community and charities was definitely achieved through the auctions held on the Presidents Dinner and also the awareness that was raised over the event and prior. We are definitely interested in sponsoring the event in the future and would recommend it to any other business in the future!


Future Interior Linings Testimonial


The Usher Cup is the first event that Future Interior Linings has sponsored. From the exposure created, meeting all the businesses involved, and the sizes of the companies sponsoring was great. The impact of the social media coverage helped boost our social media following a bit too!
I have known Theodore forever, since we were kids, to be part of a group that I am passionate about and the surfing side of things was great. It is so good to see so many young kids involved in something that they thought was just going to be another surfing event.
We are super excited for the future of the event, we loved the whole weekend we had a ball, even our kids! I will sponsor the Usher Cup every year until I die, and I recommend any business to consider sponsoring it!
It was so nice to see the Usher Crew full involved with the event, it was so good to see, getting in and giving a hand right to the end packing up!
We will be there next year for sure!


King Brown Testimonial


For our business the exposure the Usher Cup gave us was good, we’re a local company and events like this really get our name out there, obviously it’s hard to tell how it’s affected us this early but overall it was good.
After attending the Presidents Dinner and seeing all the sponsors there it was clear that the money that was raised was ground-breaking and I think the goal was achieved. We are definitely interested in being a sponsor of the event again!


North Australian Contracting Testimonial


We found the exposure our business received was fantastic and we very much appreciated how the business was presented through marketing material and social media.
The event was big on giving back and the funds donated and the publicity they received was great. It would be great that in the future we could have all the charities involved more so that they can tell their story as it tugs on the heart strings.
North Australian Contracting are looking forward to sponsoring the event in the future and would recommend any other business looking at sponsoring to do it!


Sunday Collab Coffee Testimonial


The exposure Sunday Collab Coffee received from the Usher Cup was great, we feel there was some great support shown to the community and the chosen charities, awesome to see the collaborations between some great people and businesses. 

We would love to be part of the Usher Cup again in the future, we even had a few team members attend the event and watch some heats! From all accounts it was awesome weather, conditions and atmosphere! 


Gap Pro Testimonial


The Usher Cup provided Gap Pro with an invaluable amount of exposure pre-and post-event. Before the competition even started, I had other sponsors and new clients calling Gap Pro and engaging us to work for them, helping to create and foster new relationships.

Giving back to the community and charities was a huge focus and benefit to sponsoring this event. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Theodore since we came up as kids from a housing commission background with nothing giving us a leg up. Even back then, Theodore would give you the shirt off his own back, this is one of the many things that has never changed, it is his generosity and passion for helping people and causes that he believes in.

Gap Pro is looking forward to the potential to sponsor future Usher Cup events and believe it would be beneficial for any business to get involved in the event. I was honoured to be part of the event and the group of companies that made it what it was.

Throughout the event, I was lucky enough to not only be a sponsor but also act as a safety representative out on the Usher Cup Safety Jet Ski and enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to next year and working again with the Usher Cup team!


Coolum Testimonial

Clubs & Team

The Usher Cup was great for the club to start the year off with a team’s challenge event, it got everyone excited for the club surfing year ahead! Our members have shown a lot of interest in the competition and we definitely want to compete again!
The elite level of surfers the competed at the event was amazing. The Presidents Dinner was a tremendous event to meet and socialise with other club presidents, it was a fantastic night and helped bond many of the clubs together.
Putting our local club surfers against some of the elite level of world standard surfers that competed at the event was a great opportunity to showcase grass roots surfing to a larger audience. It made our surfers feel proud to represent our club at such a prestigious event.
The overall contest was run really well from start to finish, registration, heat draws, and the contest vibe was sensational!


Currumbin Alley Testimonial

Clubs & Team

The Usher Cup got the Currumbin Alley team off our butt quicker as we usually don’t compete until March-April, it was a great way to kick start the year! We’ve gotten a lot of new members sign up, whether that was from the Usher Cup it’s hard to tell but we’ve definitely seen a boost in overall memberships! Our club is keen to participate in next years competition!
Our biggest takeaway from the comp was having Jade Wheatley make the finals, having great support from the club, we also had heaps of kids cheering from the tent which created a good bonding experience within the club.
The social media coverage of the absolutely amazing, it was the best thing about the event, whoever was running the social media did a great job the coverage was amazing!

Kawana Testimonial

Clubs & Team

The Usher Cup was a great event for Kawana Boardriders Club to be involved with as it brought our team together and provided our athletes with an opportunity to compete against some of the best surfers in the country.  Kawana would definitely be keen to be a part of the Usher cup in 2022 and into the future.

Our biggest takeaway from the event was the amount of prize money available to both the men and women right down to round 2! It was extremely beneficial for our athletes to have this level of competition available to them before the Australian leg of the QS gets underway!


LEBA Testimonial

Clubs & Team

The comradery between the younger guys created at the Usher Cup really showed during the event and that has positively impacted our club, LEBA Board Riders.
We are 100% interested in joining the Usher Cup in 2022!


MNM Testimonial

Clubs & Team

The Usher cup has provided a great opportunity for MNM representative surfers to compete against other high-performance surfers, outside of our club activities. We are most definitely interested in joining the Usher Cup to compete in 2022! We received great feedback from our competitors, supporters, sponsors, and President Dinner attendees.
The event provided a personalised service to all board riders clubs. This included: The Presidents Dinner, social media, camera action and daily highlights. It is great to see a fresh new batch of supporters and sponsors introduced into the surf industry/events. The event provided a great insight into grass roots surfing!


Point Lookout Testimonial

Clubs & Team

Firstly, thank you for organising such a well-run comp for clubs to participate in.  Point Lookout Board Riders had a great time competing over the three days.

The highlights for our club were the female event being mostly on the first day, as this allowed our open surfers to work the Friday. Important in this economic climate. Also offering women an equal chance (again so important and the women rose to the challenge).

The comp allowed clubs to submit grass root surfers and club morale was off an all-time high. Such a good vibe under club tents when their surfers where in a heat.

Wildcards were also an awesome opportunity to include more surfers.

All in all, our club can’t wait to come back for the Usher Cup in 2022!


Snapper Rocks Testimonial

Clubs & Team

The Snapper Rocks Board Riders Club is in extremely high spirits as it was such a great opportunity for all of the club competitors to compete following COVID and they all loved the event! The prize money on offer and the opportunity to surf in a competition at Rainbow Bay was a massive draw card.
Following the Usher Cup, Snapper Rocks has seen our membership increase by 10-20% because it had such a positive impact on the local community. Our club is excited for the opportunity to attend and host the event, forever! Aiming to make it bigger and better in all respects for everyone!
It really meant a lot for us to be part of such a rich event in every way. To be able to donate so much money to charity was fantastic, making a difference in so many people’s lives! Also, so many competitors from our club and others remarked they had never received prize money before and were really happy with themselves, it’s amazing to make people feel good!
Having a grassroots focused event meant so much to our club as we have so many high-level surfers in our club and it enabled us to show this to the public and it helped to lift their profile which will assist with their surfing careers. The public have now witnessed the level of surfing in this local area and the surrounding South East of Australia. The club has a much higher standing in the community after hosting such a successful event supporting so many entrants and charities.
This event is the first of it’s kind and everyone loved it.


Windansea Testimonial

Clubs & Team

Our club had a great result at the event placing 3rd overall. We have been very focused over the past 12 months on lifting the competitive level at our club and this is a great result for our first teams’ event for the year. Windansea are 100% committed to attending the second Usher Cup in 2022!
With the good results our club has achieved, the club is having more success with having more people wanting to become part of the club and help in all areas. The level of surfing in both the men’s and women’s division were of an incredibly high standard. Also, a huge amount of money was raised for varies charity groups and to give back to the board riders clubs and competitors.
Surfing in your board riders’ clubs is an essential part of Australian surfing history. Every professional surfer that has come out of Australia all started their careers at their local board riders club and across every beach in Australia. The Usher Cup allowed the newest up-and-coming surfers to be showcased in an amazing way!