Future Interior Linings Testimonial

The Usher Cup is the first event that Future Interior Linings has sponsored. From the exposure created, meeting all the businesses involved, and the sizes of the companies sponsoring was great. The impact of the social media coverage helped boost our social media following a bit too!
I have known Theodore forever, since we were kids, to be part of a group that I am passionate about and the surfing side of things was great. It is so good to see so many young kids involved in something that they thought was just going to be another surfing event.
We are super excited for the future of the event, we loved the whole weekend we had a ball, even our kids! I will sponsor the Usher Cup every year until I die, and I recommend any business to consider sponsoring it!
It was so nice to see the Usher Crew full involved with the event, it was so good to see, getting in and giving a hand right to the end packing up!
We will be there next year for sure!