Kumul Testimonial

Being in the construction industry and knowing Theodore through that when he came knocking on our door and offered us the opportunity to get involved with this unique and special event it was a no brainer. It’s thrust us into a different demographic and community and it has been helpful for our business overall.
The concept of how the Usher Cup played out and how it gave the grass roots clubs a chance to be showcased for what they do and be awarded by competing and involving the different board riders’ clubs from around the South East of Queensland and Northern NSW, the concept is unbelievable. Giving young kids and adults the chance to compete against their idols is awesome.
We are 100% sure that we will be sponsoring next year, the vision Theodore and the Usher Cup team have got for where they can take it is amazing and any company that wants to jump in and be involved in something unique and has the foresight to give everyone the opportunity to showcase what they do in the surf, support deserving charities and mingle with some of the leading businesses in the company is a great opportunity for networking!