Snapper Rocks Testimonial

The Snapper Rocks Board Riders Club is in extremely high spirits as it was such a great opportunity for all of the club competitors to compete following COVID and they all loved the event! The prize money on offer and the opportunity to surf in a competition at Rainbow Bay was a massive draw card.
Following the Usher Cup, Snapper Rocks has seen our membership increase by 10-20% because it had such a positive impact on the local community. Our club is excited for the opportunity to attend and host the event, forever! Aiming to make it bigger and better in all respects for everyone!
It really meant a lot for us to be part of such a rich event in every way. To be able to donate so much money to charity was fantastic, making a difference in so many people’s lives! Also, so many competitors from our club and others remarked they had never received prize money before and were really happy with themselves, it’s amazing to make people feel good!
Having a grassroots focused event meant so much to our club as we have so many high-level surfers in our club and it enabled us to show this to the public and it helped to lift their profile which will assist with their surfing careers. The public have now witnessed the level of surfing in this local area and the surrounding South East of Australia. The club has a much higher standing in the community after hosting such a successful event supporting so many entrants and charities.
This event is the first of it’s kind and everyone loved it.