Windansea Testimonial

Our club had a great result at the event placing 3rd overall. We have been very focused over the past 12 months on lifting the competitive level at our club and this is a great result for our first teams’ event for the year. Windansea are 100% committed to attending the second Usher Cup in 2022!
With the good results our club has achieved, the club is having more success with having more people wanting to become part of the club and help in all areas. The level of surfing in both the men’s and women’s division were of an incredibly high standard. Also, a huge amount of money was raised for varies charity groups and to give back to the board riders clubs and competitors.
Surfing in your board riders’ clubs is an essential part of Australian surfing history. Every professional surfer that has come out of Australia all started their careers at their local board riders club and across every beach in Australia. The Usher Cup allowed the newest up-and-coming surfers to be showcased in an amazing way!