Gold Sponsor Spotlight: TJM GROUP

TJM Group

TJM Group, is another of the contests Gold Sponsor returning to support the Usher Cup in 2023.

A leading scaffold service provider to the commercial, industrial, civil, mining, offshore, oil and gas sectors.

TJM Group provides a range of cost-effective solutions and services to assist their clients’ unique construction needs.

TJM Group works alongside some of the country’s largest development industry businesses and organisations, their extensive portfolio testament to their mission to become the industry’s leading scaffolding company.

A family-owned business operating throughout South East Queensland since 2009, the TJM Group has expanded into New South Wales, whilst also branching into the mining, oil, gas and offshore sectors. 

Whilst they are young in years, the TJM Group boasts over 60 years’ experience and knowledge in the scaffolding industry.

With strong community connections, TJM Group are a proud foundation partner of the Usher Cup and committed to making a positive difference across the communities they work in.

Thank you TJM Group for your continued support and commitment to grassroots surfing and giving back to local charities.

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