Usher Cup #10ForTen recipient – Gold Coast Hospital Foundation:

This week, Usher Cup co-founders Theodore Vairaktaris and Wayne Bartholomew visited the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation to see first-hand the incredible work being carried out by the foundations staff, and to learn more about where this year’s Usher Cup #10FotTen charity funds will be spent.

The foundations’ purpose is to relieve medical hardship caused as a result of illness, injury or disability, and sadly while every dollar counts and makes a genuine difference, sadly there are more and more Gold Coasters requiring assistance from this life changing team.

“To have more and more charities come on board and access us with equipment and resources for our emergency department is very valuable and it does save lives” Doctor Christa Bell

For Theodore, hearing from those working hands on with patience and saving lives, had a huge impact, their commitment to raising funds for the foundation even stronger after learning that they receive no government funding and rely almost entirely on the generosity of the community to raise funds.

“We actually saw today, from the doctors and nurses themselves, the huge impact that the gold coast hospital foundation is making to our hospital here.”

Theodore Vairaktaris

Likewise, Rabbit overwhelmed by the reach the foundation team have across the community.

“Behind me is one of the three vans that the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation have donated to the hospital to transport cancer patients to and from their treatments and this is what the Usher Cup directly donates towards, and we are really motivated and proud to be part of this.” Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation works to deliver equipment and resources which dramatically improve patient care and comfort including Cancer Patient transport, Emergency accommodation, the purchasing of medical equipment and aids, funding hospital led health research. 

“I cannot express how grateful we are as a team for that donation! That donation goes towards stuff that makes s huge difference in kids, in saving lives in providing care that is fun for kids and less threatening, there are so many ways in which that money will be used to help our local children.”

Designed to recognise those making a genuine difference to the lives of Gold Coasters in need, the Usher Cup #10forTen charity drive provides each of the selected charities with a $10,000 donation with cheques presented on the final day of the contest.

Serving Our People (SOP) The World Mental Health Organisation, Arcadia College, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, The Sanctuary, Friends with Dignity, the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, The Village School, Volunteering Gold Coast, and the Global Awakening Fund are among this year’s recipients.

Click on the link to make a donation to this year’s #10forTen charity drive and support a Gold Coast charity making a huge difference in the community.

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