Usher Cup 2023 Announcement!!

There’s something brewing at Usher Cup HQ, with organisers struggling to keep the lid on an announcement ahead of Usher Cup 3. Event Co-Founder Theodore Vairaktaris saying the sport’s most exciting, national grassroots surf contest will take on a new look in 2023.

“Huge announcement to make tomorrow, like I said before we are being watched globally on our livestream and tomorrow 1:00pm on the livestream, we have got another huge announcement about usher cup third instalment, Usher cup version three, it’s going to be epic, look out for it, because I am super pumped and I want to let the cat out of the bag now, but I won’t.”

The reopening of national boarders enabled some of the country’s premier Boardriders clubs to take their place on the beach at Snapper Rocks with contest director Wayne Bartholomew confident tomorrows announcement would again transform next year’s event.

“We will keep the powder dry until we make the announcement, I am really excited about it, the response has been fantastic and it’s the future.”

 “I am excited about it, and it just opens unbelievable opportunities and it’s going to be amazing for the stay home club members, grassroots, to those who aspire to professional surfing.”


The announcement will be made during a break in finals action at 1:00pm on the Usher Cup Live Stream.


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