Each year, long before a heat has been surfed, the Usher Cups annual charity drive has been run with ten local charities performing outstanding work across the Gold Coast nominated to receive ten thousand dollars through the Usher Cup #10ForTen charity initiative.

It usually starts with a well-placed letter to the construction, commercial paint and building industries, but as the competition grows, so too does the heart of our business leaders with Hutchinsons Builders actually beating Theodore to the punch and pledging their donation early.

“This year we didn’t send the letter out, all the sponsorship was already done, all from our previous sponsors, we are so grateful for them, they give us the opportunity to really support our Gold Coast community and for us, all the charities are hand-picked by Rabb’s and I and we go and visit them all and the work that they do is outstanding.” Theodore Vairaktaris said.

Along with the Usher Group, Hutchinsons Builders have led the charge in supporting the annual contest as major sponsors with company spokesperson Levi Corby saying the building giant is here to stay.

“Oh look, we are so proud to be part of the Usher Cup again in 2023, I am getting fearful of how big this is becoming and how big the support is that Theo is going to ask for every year, but to be honest this is truly part of our fundamentals and we want to be part of local community sporting events, we want to grow this into whatever Theo’s vision is and we couldn’t be prouder to be part of it again.”

Theodore and event co-founder Wayne Bartholomew hand pick the ten charities each year, taking time to visit each facility to gain a better understanding of what they need, what they do and what services they provide to the Gold Coast Community.

“We handpick each charity based on the contribution they make across the Gold Coast, and we absolutely love visiting them to get a real feel for they they do and it’s absolutely incredible to see these amazing charities doing so much good for their community”

A number of this years #10forTen recipients were present at the official Usher Cup launch at Snapper Rocks surf Lifesaving Club highlighting the diversity of services provided by this year’s charities.

“We are delighted to be the charity of choice for this event, it’s a very exciting event and the money raised will go and help us continue to look after sick and injured wildlife on the Gold Coast.” Said Lewis McKillop, Research supervisor Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Arcadia College purchased giant sunshades for the students’ recreational areas with this year’s donation with this year’s campaign also being used to provide better resources for students and staff.

“We need some safety nets to go around our outside area, just to protect sports balls and equipment from going into the train station and the public areas and also to provide more sporting equipment for our young people to get them outside and get them active and help them improve their, mental health.”

Serving Our People, Australia’s fastest growing charity are launching Queensland’s first free supermarket to assist those most in need from across the community.

“Thank you to the usher Cup and the 10 for ten campaigns for raising it, the money will go towards all the people that we help, basically anyone across the community and we are also opening the first free supermarket in Queensland including a coffee shop where all of the profits go back into the charity and so we will be using this money to keep supporting the community.” Said Kim Hamskamp.

While the Usher Cup assisted Manuela Whitford and her charity Friends with Dignity to furnish 20 homes for victims of family and domestic violence.

“Every year we average about one hundred homes that we set up and in the last year I think the Usher Cup help us set up 20 of those.”

Humbled by the support from the Construction, Painting and Building industries, Theo said support from State and local government had really assisted in taking the 2023 event international, whilst also attracting the best board riding clubs in Australia.

“We have 144 surfers competing for club honours and their own individual prize money, this year we have a whopping over eighty thousand dollars of prize pool for all our competitors and I would really like to thank Tourism Queensland, Division fourteen Councillor Gail O’Neil and our major sponsor Hutchinsons Builders who have been with us since day one, they have been on this journey, Hutchinsons builders have been such a massive supporter of this event with the Usher Group and what that means is that we have managed to raise over one hundred and ten thousand dollars for ten amazing charities here on the Gold Coast. Ten grass roots charities who that make a positive impact to our community.”

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