Usher Cup Live Streams to the Globe


In just its second year, the Usher Cup, a surf contest designed to provide opportunity for emerging grassroots surfers has gone global with thousands tuning into watch the events live stream.

Snapper Rocks, the envy of surfers around the globe is now hosting armchair surfers from the USA, Japan, UK, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal and France and it’s fair to say they are liking what they are watching.

The Usher Cup, in partnership with Surfing Australia and My Surf TV created a beachside studio and production unit, the stream attracting solid numbers on day one as the women took to the waves with more than 4000 viewers tuning into watch the action from the southern Gold Coast break.

Usher Cup co-founder Theodore Vairaktaris fulfilling on his first year promise to present a bigger and better event in 2022.

“We’ve got three camera towers along the foreshore, we’ve also got three roaming cameras and also a water camera so we’re covering all angles and we’re super frothin’ on the quality of the streaming. 

“Competing clubs have been super supporting and embedded the live stream on their Facebook page and websites, we are streaming on and of course on, it’s streaming everywhere and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s been received by competitors and surfers from around the world.”  

Videographer and stream producer Simon ‘Shagga’ Saffigna humbled to be playing a role in showcasing Australia’s best surfers to the world and taking the events reach, well beyond the beach.

“It’s unbelievable really because there are so many countries around the world that are surfing now and to be able to show those people how we run an event here on the Gold Coast and explain how important Boardriders clubs are to us and what it’s done for the surfing fraternity here in Australia”

When it comes to nurturing emerging talent, Saffigna was adamant local Boardriders clubs had been the catalyst for Australia’s global surfing success, confident a new legion of surf stars are currently competing at the Usher cup.

“This is the next generation mate and we’re stoked to be documenting this, this is history in the making and we’re coming back bigger and better next year. The whole vibe is come, join us.”

“The talent pool that comes through boardriders is unbelievable, every world champion that has basically come from Australia has been in a boardriders club,”

For those who can’t make it to Snapper Rocks, the live stream is capturing all the action at  www.usher

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