Volunteering Gold Coast

Established in 1998, Volunteering Gold Coast have this year celebrated an enormous milestone with their 50,000th volunteer registering to assist Gold Coasters in need.

Volunteering Gold Coast has a huge positive impact across the city, supplying services and needs to people with disabilities, enabling them to experience the Gold Coasts beaches, and even a swim in the ocean.

Chief Executive Officer Brad Cooper delighted to be a beneficiary of the Usher Cups #10kforTen charity initiative.

“It’s wonderful to have the support of the Usher Cup and the Surfing Community to make sure that Volunteering Gold Coast is able to continue to enable people that have physical needs to be able to access the beach and there is no greater event and no better alignment than an event like the Usher Cup which promotes the idea that the beach is for everybody.”

The Usher Cup’s #10kforTEN campaign aims to donate $10,000 to each of the nominated charities with the presentation taking place on the final day of the 2023 event.

To support the work of these amazing charities, please visit https://ushercup.fundmychallenge.com/ and donate today.

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