I think we all realise that marine pollution is a growing concern in today’s society. Oceans are becoming increasingly polluted with run off, chemicals and debris. Not only is this having a major impact on our marine life, it’s having an impact on our everyday human lives.

This is where Washbox steps in. Washbox is working to stop pollution at the source before it ever has a chance to reach the ocean. Washbox is a self-contained, portable wash system, invented in Australia that does not require a permanent connection to mains water, and does not discharge any liquid waste.

Inventor and Founder Andrew Crimston, was aware that many industries discharge liquid waste and chemical solids when washing components and these are not only bad for plumbing infrastructure, they also pollute our beautiful waterways and oceans.

Just 10 trades people on a typical building site would use 150,00 litres of drinking water to wash their tools and equipment over a 12-month period. The process of washing these tools not only uses many thousands of litres of fresh water, it then becomes contaminated with various substances including chemicals, dyes, powders, and solids. Washbox provides the same functionality by consuming only 3000 litres of mains water.

Through the use of clever technology, Washbox is able to continuously recycle water used in the washing process and transfers the waste into a custom filter module that makes waste removal and disposal an easy task.

“Recycling wastewater and having a closed loop system, is a critical piece of the solution. We take the responsibility out of the hands of the user. They have no choice but to do the right thing” – Andrew Crimston

So next time you’re catching a wave or having a swim on our beautiful coast lines, think about the positive impact system like these are having on our oceans

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