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Youth Insearch runs one of the most successful youth intervention programs in Australia working with at risk youth aged 14 to 20 to help them turn their disadvantages into advantages and enabling them to reach their full potential.

By running workshops and community support programs, Youth Insearch helps reduce the incidence of crime, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm and suicide, relieve the suffering and helplessness of young people, break the cycle of family breakdown, teach young people to value life, and increase school retention and employment.

The Youth Insearch program consists of two core components:

· Weekend workshops
· Community support

The weekend workshops are inclusive and youth friendly, creating a family-like environment where participants feel comfortable opening up and sharing their stories and issues. The workshops involve group sessions and are facilitated by youth leaders and adults. A clinical supervisor oversees the workshops.

Community support includes weekly support groups, peer-to-peer support, and mentoring. Youth Insearch also offers leaders training as an essential part of the program, teaching young people skills needed to become a leader within their community. All these elements combine to create significant change in young people.

Youth Insearch recently launched its place-based model. The place-based model places a paid Youth Insearch social worker or youth worker in communities in need. Youth Insearch has found that when social workers assist young people in a single community, they can provide tailored support to each young person on a one-on-one basis and connect them with appropriate support services. Through its place-based model Youth Insearch can support many more young people in each community compared to model reliant on volunteers.

Youth Insearch CEO Stephen Lewin said the partnership with The Usher Cup will help turn around the lives of vulnerable youth.

“Thanks to the generosity of The Usher Cup and its sponsors Youth Insearch can help more vulnerable young people, who may otherwise slip through the cracks, feel supported by their peers and their community,” Mr Lewin said.

“The partnership will raise awareness of our peer-to-peer support program for at-risk young people in northern New South Wales and south east Queensland.

“I look forward to continuing our partnership with The Usher Cup and the wider surfing community.”

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