Club Spotlight: D’Bah Boardriders

It was a close call for D’Bah Boardriders at the inaugural Usher Cup event, coming in at an incredible 2nd place. Just a few hundred points behind 2021 champions, Angourie, D’Bah are back with a vengeance!

The D’Bah Boardriders members are well aware that as a surfer you’re always trying your best, be it in competition or when paddling out for a few waves. While they celebrate the wins, they also rally around their surfers when the ocean doesn’t go their way.

D’Bah has established healthy rivalries with other local clubs which keeps the interest in club surfing high. The club’s members are also committed to creating a great atmosphere on the beach and a fun-loving environment that everyone wants to be a part of.

Over the years D’Bah has produced a number of well-known surfers including Jack Freestone (current World Tour surfer), Brent Dorrington, Nick Vasicek, Damon Harvey, Luke Dorrington, and surfing twins Dean and Shaun Harrington.

Adam expressed his excitement for the Usher Cup last year, being the first surfing competition in the better part of a year and explained the importance of participating in grassroots surfing competitions. To have the opportunity to return again in 2022 is surely twice as exciting!

“We see the Usher Cup as a great opportunity for our surfers to take on the best of the other clubs, and also a great opportunity to bring everyone together after what has been a difficult year from a social point of view with all of the COVID restrictions. As a club, one of our objectives is to bring the community together and this event provides the surfing community a great opportunity to do that.”

“It’s a privilege for the surfers that are selected to represent the club in this event, but ultimately for us it’s important for members of our community to have a club where they can come and enjoy the beach and the ocean, keep healthy and active, and have an awesome time with mates. That’s what it’s all about for us.”


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